Parental Guidance

Many parents believe that asking for help around parenting issues is a reflection of "bad" parenting, which is claimed to be instinctual and occurs with ease. Parenting is an enormous responsibility, and seeking the necessary help when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, shows courage, strength and insight as a well-functioning individual. Therapy assists parents with navigating specific parental problems, parenting styles and concerns. In addition, therapy addresses the issues concerning parent-child difficulties and provides advice for parents.

Parental guidance is a process in which Prof Pretorius assists and guides parents in becoming more effective and helps them understand their behaviour in various situations and how this may or may not encourage or discourage specific behavioural and/or emotional difficulties in children and adolescents. Parenting styles and attitudes that may contribute to the current emotional environment in the parent-child connection will be discussed. Assisting the parent in correcting poor parenting methods can have a considerable impact. It can be challenging for parents to deal with their children's behavioural and emotional issues. As a result, it is critical to ensure that parents are supported and equipped to deal with challenging situations to feel empowered. This, in turn, will benefit the child as well as the family structure as a whole.

Parents can find it difficult to talk and connect with their adolescent children about complex themes, including puberty, sexual orientation, attitude, boundaries, sadness, and anxiety. Prof Pretorius can assist you in starting the conversation and teaching you how to connect, listen, and communicate with your adolescent. Parents may find it challenging to communicate with and comprehend their children. Parents may also struggle to grasp the difference between age-appropriate and harmful conduct. Parental guidance seeks to provide parents with the tools they need to communicate successfully with their children and understand their feelings and viewpoints, with the ultimate objective of improving relationships and reducing conflict.

11. Who can benefit from parental guidance?

Parent guidance may help anyone with problems with their child, whether it's a communication breakdown, a full-fledged dispute, or repeated misunderstandings. Parental counsel can help with puberty, sexual orientation, attitude, and communication conflicts. Parents with a child who simply "won't listen" or who disobeys rules and boundaries should seek parental guidance as well. This can include understanding the narrow line between harsh discipline and diffuse (undefined) boundaries and difficulties imposing discipline at all. When it comes to parenting, no problem is too significant or too minor.

22. Should parents be involved in their child's therapy?

Children benefit the most from mental health therapy when their parents are involved, according to research. When parents and family members are participating, your child feels more supported, as if the task isn't just on their shoulders and that they are part of a team.