CPD Academy

The training and development of Registered Psychologists, Registered Counsellors and Psychometrists is a passion of Professor Gertie Pretorius. The HPCSA regulation of Continued Professional Development (CPD) for all registered practitioners is a constructive way for all practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skill. In order to adhere to the requirements of the Professional Board for Psychology, all registered practitioners should attain 30 accredited Continued Professional Units (CEUs) per annum, of which five must be for Ethics.

The spirit of CPD, however, should not be to gather CEUs, but rather an honest wish of each Psychologist, Registered Counsellor and Psychometrist to develop their skills and knowledge to better serve the South African population.   As Professor Pretorius wants to contribute to developing high-level knowledge and skill in the profession, she established a CPD Academy in January 2015. This Academy is accredited by the HPCSA as an accredited service provider. Therefore, attendees to CPD workshops receive a CPD Certificate to add to their CPD portfolio.

Training events, workshops, lectures and supervision for CPD purposes are presented according to a flexible schedule and can be arranged on request for groups of practitioners and small interest groups. Themes and topics of workshops include: