February 18, 2019
Secondary Services
August 13, 2019

Individual Therapy and Counselling

Individual therapy or counselling involves a collaborative dynamic between the therapist and client. The therapeutic process aims to facilitate change and improve the quality of life of an individual. Therapeutic methods are moulded to suit each unique individual, with the objective to help clients confront barriers that prohibit self-growth and interfere with emotional and mental well-being. Counselling can increase positive feelings such as self-worth, love, compassion, courage and improve psychological wellbeing.

In addition, Prof Pretorius guides clients through the processes of retrenchment and the stressors of work, as well as, everyday life. She believes that an individual’s existence in all stages of life should be meaningful. She also deals with the difficulties both women and men face in everyday life. These issues range from domestic violence, discrimination, workplace bullying and sexual harassment, to developing skills to cope with life and lived experiences, relationship difficulties, challenging parental relationships, step parenting and divorce.